FaceApp: How to Use This Amazing Social Media Photo Editor App

Faceapp is one amazing social media photo editor app that can be used to transform any photo. The app offers a mind blowing features which can be use to make an image in a photo smile, look younger, look older, or even change gender. The app which was developed by a Russian company called Wireless Lab is available for download both for iOS and Android users.

The app recently added extra filters which can alone be access by paid customers. Although it's still a free app, you get to enjoy the limited version of it. New and old photos can be edited using the app. The app also allows its users to share the photos after they have been successfully edited or modified. The photos can be shared on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also share on WhatsApp as well as other messaging platforms. You can download the edited photos to your device by using the down facing arrow located at the bottom.

Features of the latest version of the app FaceApp 2.0 allow you to smooth out your skin tone and give yourself facial hair.

How To Use Faceapp
With its easy to use interface, simply select a photo you wish to edit by pressing 'All Photos' along the bottom of the screen or take a photo of your face using the app's camera. After selecting the image or photo, it will start off as original at the filter location. You then have to option to add smile, smile 2 spark, old young female or male.

Both Smile options will open your mouth and include some teeth, while Spark will smooth your skin tone.

The male and female options to give you more masculine or feminine features while the old and young option, will either supply you with wrinkles or make you look younger.
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