Amazon Working On An Alexa-Powered Smart Glasses

Americas retail giant Amazon according to a report by the US Financial Times, is currently working on a its first wearable device. The reports says the new device a pair of smart glasses, will be powered by its voice-activated Alexa assistant. The company which already have some great product to its name such as the Amazon Kindle, Amazon Echo and Fire TV launched the Amazon Echo smart speaker in November 2014.

The new wearable pair of glasses with be the second device from the retail giant to powered by the Alexa voice assistant. According to specifications, the smart wearable glasses comes in a regular design but features wireless connectivity and a bone-conduction audio system.

The wireless connectivity allows the user to connect to a smartphone wirelessly while the bone-conduction audio system makes it possible for the user hear the voice prompt by Alexa. The device will not feature a camera and virtual screen unlike the the google version, but companies like Magic Leap, Apple and Facebook are reportedly working on their own version which will display digital images in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Although Amazon has not official confirmed this, but we hopes to see the device soon and planned to update you with new info.

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