Wednesday, 27 September 2017

How To Fix Windows 10 Not Recognizing Your Android Device

There are so technical problem you run into and you end up getting frustrated cause you can't really find a solution even when you try. Trying to access or transferring data between your android device and PC and getting this message "Windows Not Recognize Android Devices" could be pretty scary.  Recently some Windows 10 users have reported that their Android devices can not be detected by Windows 10 and in this post we will be looking at some simple solution to solving this problem.

Before you go looking for technicians or buying a new device, here are some things you can do to try to resolve the problem. Start by checking the USB cable, try to see if the cable is faulty or made for charging only. If this is the problem, then you need change the cable. You can also check the USB computer connection settings to see if your Android phone is connected as a media device (MTP). You need to do this by going to Settings >> Storage >> then More icon >> select USB computer connection >> choose  Media device(MTP) and then try connecting your device to computer again.

If the step above those not work, then try reinstall Android drivers again. To do this, simply uninstall your current Android driver then reconnect Android phone to PC wait for Windows 10 to reinstall the Android driver and then check if your PC detect your Android device.


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