Apple Staff Loses Job After Daughter Uploads iPhone X Hands-on Video On YouTube

A YouTube video made by Brooke Amelia Peterson, daughter to an Apple engineer has cost her father his job. Brooke who claimed she was unaware that the video violated the company’s rules, said her father has taken the entire responsibility of giving her access to the iPhone X. Brooke’s made the hands-on video and in no time, the video went viral revealing confidential information about the iPhone X.

Some information revealed on the video include some codenames of forthcoming products from the company through the Notes app and also some sensitive QR codes that are meant for internal purposes. Apple not only fire the girls father, but also force Brooke to take down the YouTube video.

This is not the first time the company is firing a staff for similar misconduct. It has reportedly fired an engineer who had shown an iPad 3G for a few minutes to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in 2010.

Brooke also made a follow-up video saying she was unaware of the effect of her action. See video below.

The device reportedly cost at $999 for 64GB iPhone X while the 256 GB costs $1,149. Shipments of the pre-ordered units are expected to start from Nov. 3.

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