Google Chrome Gets Antivirus Feature

In a bid to improve security on its web browser, Google has introduced a new security feature by adding antivirus to its window version. The new feature is aimed at preventing malicious tools and browser extensions changing your default settings. This will help to alert user in case of any suspicious behavior.

Firstly Google Chrome will detect if your browser settings have been changed without your consent . If it has been change, Chrome will offer to revert to the way things were before. As we all know, there are some installers that change homepage or default search engine. With this feature, Chrome will detect this and ask you to revert back to the original settings when next time you open the browser.

Google has worked with ESET to introduce Cleanup desktop like feature that will allow users to remove any suspicious or harmful program from your PC by alert you to uninstall these programs. 

These new features will make Chrome for Windows users safer and also offer users with cleaner browsing experience. The feature will help detects unwanted software that might be bundled with downloads, and provides help with removing it.

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