How To Subscribe For Airtel UNLIMITED Data Plans

Airtel Nigeria launched its unlimited data plans which according to the company, is specifically designed for heavy internet data users. The plan is suitable for people how likes to download, stream or share large files with friends and family on the internet.

This plan was launched in three different packages, this includes the UNLIMITED 10, UNLIMITED 15, and UNLIMITED 20 package plans. While the plans maybe Unlimited, Airtel also stated that fair usage policy is applicable. 

Airtel offers one of the best internet service in the country. Their network is faster than Globacom Nigeria, cheaper compare to MTN Nigeria and reliable at lest to some extent. 

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans Price, Subscription Codes And Validity Period 
Plan NameData AllowanceSubscription FeeValidity DaysPurchase OptionsDescription
Plan Name             Data Allowance      Subscription Fee       Validity         Subscription Code
UNLIMITED 10 UNLIMITED              10,000                 30            *462*10#
UNLIMITED 15 UNLIMITED              15,000                 30            *462*15#
UNLIMITED 20 UNLIMITED              20,000                 30            *462*20#

When you subscribe for the Unlimited 20 Data Plan, you get a free Mifi +, all for the rate of N20,000 

How to Renew Or Purchase Data At using Debit Card
To purchase or renew your unlimited data plans, visit
Click on “Buy data bundle” to select your preferred “Unlimited data plan”
Purchase or renew your plan using your debit card,
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