New Instagram Feature Now Lets You Go Live With A Friend

A new feature from Instagram, has been rolled out which will enable users to go live with friends. The new feature which is now available to both Android and iOS operating systems, will make it possible for users to add people who are watching the live video as well. The Facebook own company introduced the Live video feature in November last year and ever since then has rolled out various features to improve the functionality of the service.

This new update will allow users to hang out, and broadcast live updates. You have the options to add or remove any person or people at anytime during the live session and also at the same way people can also exit on their own whenever they want.

To use the feature, is pretty simple. Just tap on the add button to add or invite anyone who is watching the live video and when the new user joins in, the screen will then split into two and your friend will appear below you. The new feature also allows users to either discard the live video when its ended, or simply just add it to stories for those who might have missed it.

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