Enjoy Swift 4G LTE 9Hours Free Browsing For N3,000 Valid For 30 Days

Swift 4G has introduced a 9 hours of free browsing which valid for one month (30days) at a cost of just N3,000. The new offer which is currently being enjoyed by people in Lagos State, also comes with addition 3GB worth of data to use in the remaining 15 hours making it a total of 24 hours. Swift Network launched its service in Nigeria in a bid to provide 4G lte service to the people of Nigeria.

While this may be available to all, it should be noted that Swift 4G Lte service is not available in must area in the country. So to enjoy this, firstly Click Here to check if you have Swift 4G coverage  in your area.

Then proceed by subscribing to Swift Merit PROMO for N3,000 Naira by Clicking Here or Here  re-start your network you will be given 3GB data plus 9 hours of free unlimited browsing valid for 30 days. 

To enjoy the free 9 hours unlimited browsing, Wait till it's 10pm and enjoy unlimited free browsing uptill 7am. And after 7am you can still use the remaining 3GB up to 9:59pm. 

That is
9 hours unlimited browsing, from 10pm to 7am
3GB from 7:01am to 9:59pm

Any question, use the comment box below.

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