9Mobile Video Streaming Bundles Plan, How To Subscribe

9Mobile has introduced a new video plan. The new plan would be suitable for Vlogger, and YouTuber. The new plan was introduced after the telecom giant launched a free video streaming on YouTube from 1am-5am when you buy a data plan from N500 and above. This plan is unique cause it comes with a great feature.

For the first time in the history of Nigeria, 9mobile introduce pause and resume video streaming subscription. The new video streaming bundles comes with 2 bundles (N500 for 3 days or N1000 for 7 days!).

The N500 bundle comes with 5GB while the N1000 data comes with 10GB. You can pulse and resume your video data anytime.

How to Subscribe

Dial *253*1# or *253*2#
And to opt out of auto renewal, dial *253*0#.

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