Download Android Wear v2.6, Update Brings Recent App Complication

Google which announced that its plan to make the Android Wear updates easier with Play Store updates has officially rolled out the Android Wear v2.6 update. The new update brings a full suite of new additions like the tweaks to the interface, a new recent app complication, network status indicators and more.

The new update now allows you to add shortcuts to your most recent app, and when you run any app, its shortcut icon will appear in the place of the complication, so you will be aware of which one you’re getting. Also new is that the Quick Settings panel now gets connection status indicators. You can spot Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular icons right next to the battery indicator by simply pulling down the shade from the watchface.

Google also added Dynamic text sizes in notification cards, the new update will add more text and gives you an extra line of text and also the font size is little less.

What Is New
• Text size of notifications adapts to message length, adding an extra line of text on most notifications
• Swipe down in Quick Settings to easily see your connection (WiFi, Bluetooth, or mobile)
• Check on download progress with new progress indicator notifications
• Launch your last-used app right from your watch face with the Recent App complication
• Better prevention of accidental side-swipe and long-press gestures

Where To Download 

You can download the latest update from Google Playstore HERE
Or you can download it from HERE

Device Info
Device Name: Android Wear
Update Version: 2.6
Size: 21.94 MB

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