First Case Of Shattered iPhone X Appears Online

iPhone X has been on the news for sometime now. The new Apple device, features a beautiful full-screen design which seems to be the major selling point of the device. Apple claims that the front and back of the smartphone are made from the strongest glass. It appears that Apple may have told a little lie about the strength of the device, as a twitter user has recently uploaded the first broken iPhone X image on his twitter handle.

Shattered iPhone X

The photo which was attached to a tweet, shows the rear glass on the users iPhone X completely shattered after its owner dropped the device same day it was bought. Imagine buying a phone for $1,000 and the next minute it sustained such massive damage just from a single fall.

Although details about how the iPhone X got to sustain the damage was not stated but from the photo, it sure looks as if the device was smashed by a truck. iPhone X was launched recently consisting of two variant one with a 64GB internal storage sold at a cost of $999, £999, and AU$1,579 and the other with a 256GB internal storage sold at the cost of  $1,149, £1,149, AU$1,829.

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