Meet Sony's New Aibo Robot Pet Dog

Sony has launched its new Aibo Robot Pet dog with great features. The robot dog operates by using an ultra-compact actuators that allow its body to move along 22 axes. It has a battery life of about two hour with a three-hour recharge time. 

Aibo robot pet 

The company introduced the project in mid 1998 and after a series of production decided to discontinue production in 2006. According to Sony,
Aibo can form an emotional bond with members of the household while providing them with love, affection, and the joy of nurturing and raising a companion.
The dog uses a deep learning technology to analyze the sounds and images coming through Aibo’s array of sensors, and uses cloud data to learn from the experiences of other Aibo units and owners. It is designed in a way that it will develop its own unique personality through everyday interactions. It is capable of showing lifelike expressions like eye, ears, and tail movement. 

It can understand praise, smiles, head and back scratches, petting, and more. It can also learns and remembers what actions make the owner happy. This behavior according to Sony was made possible through company’s well-cultivated deep learning technology, in the form of inbuilt sensors that can detect and analyze sounds and images.

Aibo has a Speaker, 4 Microphones and sensors include Pressure sensitive/capacitive type touch sensor, Capacitive type touch sensor (Head sensor, jaw sensor), 6 axis detection system(3 axis gyro/3 axis acceleration)×2 (Head、Torso) and Motion sensor, Light sensor, 4 Paw Pads. It also has a connectivity options are LTE and WiFi 802.11b/g/n and weigh 2.2 kg Approx.

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