Motorola Slams Samsung With New Video Ad Titled ‘Up-Upgrade With Moto Z2 & Moto

There is this popular saying that goes, what goes around, comes around and Samsung may have just been hit by that statement. Remember sometime ago, Apple launched the iPhone X and Samsung take a swing at the new product. Samsung released a video Ad mocking the new device saying it lacked some of the new features. See Report Here.

Motorola who may have seen it as a marketing strategy, has taken a shot at Samsung with its latest video. The company mocked Samsung with their Projector mod for the Moto Z2 series. The new ad titled up-upgrade with the Moto z2 and Moto shows a continuation of the Samsung ad where a person is seen watching a video on the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and is being interrupted by his partner who is seen taking out her new Moto Z2 Play and plugging in the Projector mod to project the video on to a wall in a bigger size thus giving an edge to the Moto Z2 Play.

Motorola when further by asking a question “Why settle for edge-to-edge, when you could project your screen up to 70?” The Samsung video Ad which was titled ‘Grow up with an upgrade to Galaxy', mocked the iPhone X top notch, for its lack of 3.5mm headphone jack and more. The new Motorola Ad is seen by many as a winner. See video below.


Whats your take on this, Do you think the video is a well deserve payback or a well crafted marketing strategy. Drop your comment below.

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