Qualcomm Sues Apple Over Software Contract Breach

Qualcomm is yet again suing Apple over an alleged breach of contract. In a lawsuit filed against Apple on Wednesday in the California state court in San Diego, Qualcomm accused Apple of breaching a contract using its software that is needed to make the chipset work with other parts of mobile phones and communicate with networks.

The company says Apple has failed to abide by the terms and conditions of the software license by feeding confidential information to its rival Intel. Qualcomm claimed Apple contacted them in July to request information that was highly confidential about how its chips functioned on a particular telecoms' network and that Apple including an Intel engineer as one of the email's recipients. 

Qualcomm noted that Apply engineers where suppose to work alongside its engineers and was not in anyway reveal its details regarding its chips to Intel the company's rival. 

The lawsuit is coming days after Apple indicated that its was planning on ditching Qualcomm chips for MediaTek and Intel for 2018 iPhones and iPads. 

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