Apple Ditching Qualcomm As It Seeks MediaTek For Chip Solution

A new report suggest Apple may be considering ditching Qualcomm for MediaTek due to its spat with the chip maker. Apple has been on a legal battle with Qualcomm after the company accused Apple of sharing its proprietary code with Intel. Due to the law suit Apple reportedly transfered half of its order to Intel from Qualcomm and now considering working with MediaTek due the company having enough resources and price advantage.

The partnership which could extend to other area such as, smart speakers, wireless charging devices, and wireless connection systems may see the next-gen iPhones that will launch in 2018, running on MediaTek software. 

According to the source;
Apple reportedly switching 50% of its orders for iPhone modem chipsets to Intel from Qualcomm is part of its self-protection efforts made after filing a lawsuit in January 2017 against Qualcomm’s allegedly unfair patent royalty calculation formula involving modem chipsets used in iPhone devices.
As the legal battle rages on, Apple is reportedly actively seeking new chip suppliers to absorb more of the remaining orders. And MediaTek, with its technology, capacity and pricing advantages, is a candidate to becoming a supplier modem chips for Apple in 2018.
MediaTek have not officially confirmed the report, but the source revealed MediaTek processes three principles which Apple follows in its chip selection, which are technological competitiveness, comprehensive product blueprints, and reliable logistic support.

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