Snapchat Launches Lens Studio App For Users To Create Own AR Filters

Snapchat has launched a new app Lens Studio for both Mac and Windows users that lets you design and build AR lenses for Snapchat. The new app allows users to create World Lenses that can be used to place interactive and imaginary 3D objects in a user photos and videos. 

Eitan Pilipski, who leads Snap’s camera platform team said; 
This has been an amazing year for AR as a technology, We’re really excited to take this tool, and make it as simple as possible for any creator out there to have a presence on Snapchat
The app will allow an average user to to create AR lenses for Snapchat, offering them templates and guides for getting started, for both two- and three-dimensional designs.  Although for now, normal users will be limited to creating what Snap calls “world lenses” — effects captured using the rear-facing Snapchat camera, but the company is partnering with seven ad agencies and will let them build face filters, which advertisers will then be able to place inside Snapchat for a price.


While developers retain ownership of Lenses they create, Snapchat has the right to use them. Developers will get a temporary Snapcode to test their 3D objects and other creations on phones, and once it clears the review from Snapchat, developers get a Snapcode that’s valid for a year, and they have the full authority to promote that in any platform they wish. Interested users can get the new Lens Studio from Snapchat website HERE.

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