Zanco Tiny T1, The World’s Smallest Mobile Phone, See Specs

A UK based company has introduced what seems to be the world’s smallest mobile phone. Known as  Zanco Tiny T1, the device is so small that it dimensions measures 46.7 x 21 x 12mm. Zanco Tiny T1 comes with a with a tiny 0.49-inch OLED display and a screen resolution of 64 x 12 pixels. The mobile phone which weighs 13g is smaller than a thumb and lighter than a coin. The phone supports a single Nano SIM and can store up to 300 contacts.

Shazad Talib the man responsible for the device revealed that he is planning to make a 'Small Smartphone', according to him;
I came up with the idea for it in about 2004, and I’ve had engineers working on it for years. It is actually very easy to use when it is placed on your finger. My next design will be a small smartphone. I have a lot of ideas

The device can store up to 50 SMS messages and also the last 50 incoming/ outgoing numbers in the call log. It is powered by a MediaTek MTK6261D motherboard and has a 32MB internal storage with a 32MB of RAM. The tinny little device comes with connectivity such as 2G, Bluetooth, and Micro-USB

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