Google Clips Camera Now On Sale In The US, Costs $249

Last year October, Google introduced one of the world's tiny, square space camera the company called Google Clips. According to google, the device was designed for people who looking to catch candid moments of their family and friends. The device automatically take photos and video clips up to seven seconds of recorded time.

Latest about the tiny device, is that the search engine has now finally made the device available for purchase in the United States at a priced tag of $249 which is about N90,000 here in Nigeria. Just to make you understand how the device works, the small camera device uses artificial intelligence to take the right picture when it sees something interesting. 

The square-shaped camera, which measures about 2-inch, comes with a 12-megapixel sensor and 130-degree field of view. It automatically shoots images and small video loops. Google Clips is a AI-powered camera comes with a 16GB internal storage and offer up to 3 hours of smart capture on a single charge.

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