Saturday, 13 January 2018

Google Duo Users Can Now Call Others Who Haven’t Installed The App

Google Duo may not be as popular as Skype and other video calling apps, but it seems that the company is working to turn this around. Google recently updated the app by introducing a new feature which now makes it possible for users of the app to call friends and loved ones who do not have the app. The app works exactly the same way as the regular call, including the Knock-Knock feature.

What this means is that a user of the app can call anyone in his or her contact list who does not have the app and at the end of the call, the receiver will be prompted to install the app if they’re interested and will also show a pop-up which allows you to block a caller from contacting you again. 

Currently the Google Duo calling feature is limited to very few contacts at the moment and it doesn’t seem to work with iPhones and Non-Android phones. You you are interest in download the app, you can do so for Android Device Here and for Apple iPhone Device Here

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