LG Patents Two Foldable Phones That Can Be Turned Into Tablets

LG has reportedly applied for a patent for two unnamed foldable smartphone device. The two device filed by LG were found at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) both are described as a 'mobile phone with a flexible display which can be folded in half. The smartphone are rumored to be the first phone with a foldable display and both can transform into a tablet.  

The first prototype phone shows what appears to be two camera lenses at the back of the device and, when it is folded, the front of the device can display information on the front screen, such as the date and the time.

The second prototype phone shows similar properties as the first, when folded, the screen appears to be pushed to the side to reveal a transparent display that shows the date and time.

LG has joined the likes of Samsung and others hoping to make the foldable smartphone a reality. While we await what LG and Samsung have to offer, ZTE, unvealed its first folding phone the Axon M which features two 5.2' displays.

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