OPPO To Be Among The First To Release A 5G Smartphone Says CEO

No doubt, 5G will definitely be the next big thing in the telecommunications world as all the big players in the smartphone business are getting involve. While we await the first 5G mobile phone and what its has to offer, Qualcomm has been working with a lot of smartphone makers in its “5G Pilot” program one of which is Oppo. 

The company through its CEO Tony Chen revealed that Oppo may very well be one of the first two phone makers to manufacture 5G products. Speaking recently at a technology summit held in Beijing, China the CEO spoke on his company’s plans for the next-generation 5G network standard. 

According to him, OPPO for the past three years has been working with Qualcomm its 5G research and development. The Oppo boss also announced during the event that it has joined Qualcomm’s “5G Pilot” program to jointly explore innovations in mobile technology in the era of 5G era.

Qualcomm who has been in the forefront of the 5G development has released its royalty terms for 5G technology for OEMs and also recently successfully tested the world’s first 5G new radio system which would usher in the next-gen technology.

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