Photo Of Xiaomi Mi 6X Rear Panel Leaked Online

Xiaomi Mi 5X (Mi A1) was released last year and now it seems the device maybe getting a successor known as Xiaomi Mi 6X. Although details about the specifications and features of the smartphone are still currently unknown, but from the leaked pics, the device appears to sporting dual rear cameras arranged vertically and positioned on the left. 

While the design appears to be very similar to that of the Mi 5X, the image also shows the LED flash located in between the two lens, similar to that of the Apple’s iPhone X. Being a successor to the Mi 5X, the device is expected to come with a bigger battery and a processor. 

While Xiaomi hasn’t confirmed the existence of the Mi 6X, this is not the first time leak photos of the device have been seen. One feature from the leaked design that has left everyone wondering is that there is a small hole in the middle of the phone. This doesn't appear to be a fingerprint scanner as it is too small for that. We hope to see what features the new device brings.  

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