Photos Of Samsung Galaxy S9+ (S9 Plus) Spotted In China

With the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ expected to be launched in February at MWC 2018, we have already started seeing clones of the devices. Just recently the Galaxy S9+ clone was spotted at Shenzhen’s Huaqiangbei/Huaqiang North in China, area known as a major electronics manufacturing hub.

China is well know for producing clone smartphones. According to a report from AnTuTu, a total of 17,424,726 mobile phones were shipped in 2017 and out that tall figure, cloned smartphone accounted for 2.64%. The report also revealed that 36.23% of the clone device was Samsung making it the most cloned smartphone brand of that year.

Samsung had a lot of smartphone released last years but the most cloned of them all was the Galaxy S7 Edge Europe edition while the China version of the Galaxy S7 Edge emerges as the second most cloned phone. Apple came second with 7.72% and was followed Oppo with 4.42%. See chart below.

The spotted clone device comes in a blue and gold variants complete with the dual camera setup, fingerprint scanner and a mirror-like finish. The original Samsung Galaxy S9+ is expected to come featuring a 6GB worth of RAM and a 128GB storage.

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