WhatsApp v2.18 Beta Features Notification Channels On Android 8.0 Oreo

After Google introduced the Android v8.0 Oreo that brought about the notification channels that lets you decide how individual notifications from the same app appear and sound, and vibrate, or not, on your phone, WhatsApp has now rolled out its latest beta update (WhatsApp v2.18 Beta) utilizing the feature. (Notification Channel)  on Android 8.0 Oreo devices. 

The new update also makes it easier to switch from voice to video call without a user having to hangup he or her call. You can also choose to entirely disable or control single notifications by just holding down the notification.

With this latest update, WhatsApp now supports 10 notification channels which include; group notifications, message notifications, chat history backup, critical app alerts, failure notifications, media playback, Uncategorized, other notifications, sending media, and silent notifications.

To download WhatsApp v2.18 Beta For Android click HERE

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