Android P To Prevent Apps From Forcefully Accessing Your Camera

It is no longer news that Google has been working on a new Android OS version after the search engine giant released the Android V8 Oreo. The new Android V9 according Google will be call Android P. While we may not have the official name yet, there are believe that the new version may come as either Android Pie, Android Pecan Pie or Android Pumpkin Pie.

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One core feature of the Android P is its security function and according to reports, Android P will come preventing malicious background apps from accessing your camera and recordings via microphone. This according to Google is to help prevent the increasing number of malicious malware apps and trojans in taking control of your smartphone when the screen is turned off.

Before now, Android hasn’t done much to prevent this, and developers have found ways to covertly record video or take pictures without the user knowing at all. This new rule-set keeps an eye on the UID of applications blocking them from accessing your camera in even when the UID is idle.

Android P, will also be restricting microphone access report empty data, instead of writing data from the microphone to a file. What do you think about this latest move by Google.

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