Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Apple Rolls Out iOS 11.2.6, MacOS 10.13.3, WatchOS 4.2.3 Update To Fix Message Apps Crash

After reports of a Telugu character (ఞ) crashing messaging and email apps on Apple's iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watch and Apple TV. The company has rolled out a supplemental update to its iOS devices to fix the problem. The new update iOS 11.2.6 brings fixes to the certain character sequences that are causing apps to crash and also fixes an issue with 3rd party apps fail to connect to external accessories. 

The company also rolled out macOS 10.13.3 and watchOS 4.2.3 which also bring fixes the Telugu character bug causing messaging apps crash. 

The iOS 11.2.6 release note reads:
  • Fixes an issue where using certain character sequences could cause apps to crash
  • Fixes an issue where some third-party apps could fail to connect to external accessories
Few days ago Apple device uses started getting a Telugu text bomb when sent to an Apple device causes a malfunction in the CoreText, a library of software routines to help apps display text on screens. The malfunction then causes CoreText to access memory that is invalid, which forces the operating system to force shut down.

After the report, Apple confirmed the bug and said that the bug has already been fixed in the current beta versions of iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS. The company wrote;

The bug is not only fixed in current betas of iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, it’ll also be made available to the current release versions of all the operating systems as well.
So, for example, though the bug is fixed in iOS 11.3 beta, Apple will push out an update to iOS 11.2.5, the current release version, to fix the problem as well. That’ll make sure everyone gets the fix as quickly as possible.
And as promised, the company has started rolling out the new version for users of these device.  

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