Apple To Integrate Animojis Into FaceTime

Apple is reportedly working on bringing Animoji characters to the upcoming iPads, thanks to the inclusion of Face ID. The new features is part of the upcoming Apple iOS with the codenamed “Peace.” The update will include universal apps that work across iPhones, iPads, and Macs. The iOS 12 update will also bring improvements to the Do Not Disturb mode, and a redesigned built-in stocks app. It is already known that Apple is refraining itself from introducing some of the major iOS 12 features to mainly focus on performance and stability.

The company is said to be holding back features to Apple Pencil, a simple toggle in the email app to mute threads. According to report, Apple wants its engineers to work on new features without the need to stuff them all in a single update. Apple has been battling to stabilize the numerous bugs that users have been facing in the recent release of iOS and Mac software.

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