BlackBerry Sues Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram Over Patent Infringement

Blackberry has filed a suit against Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram on claim of patent Infringement. Blackberry today made the announcement saying that Facebook, and its subsidiaries copied features like unread count from BlackBerry’s proprietary and patent-protected Messenger app, known as BBM. 


The company claims that these apps are using a number of security, user interface, and functionality enhancing features that made BlackBerry’s products that brought the critical success for BlackBerry. It accuses Facebook and all it subsidiaries of copying its cryptographic techniques to protect user privacy, mixing mobile gaming and messaging experience, and user-interface elements like notification design, message timestamps, and tagging friends feature.

Facebook responded saying that it will contest the lawsuit, In a post commenting on the issue, it says; 
BlackBerry’s suit sadly reflects the current state of its messaging business. Having abandoned its efforts to innovate, BlackBerry is now looking to tax the innovation of others. We intend to fight.
It may also interest you to know that back in 2017, Blackberry also suited Nokia claiming infringement of patents relating to 3G and 4G wireless communications technology. Ever since the company sold its phone right to a Chinese company, Blackberry is solely in charge of software and mobile security products.

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