Facebook Messenger Lite Introduces Video Calling Feature

Video calling has been a major part to Facebook success with the company recording a total of 17 billion video chats in Messenger alone back in 2017. The figure is twice the amount recorded in the previous year 2016. Facebook acknowledge the uniqueness of these feature, the company as finally introduced Facebook Messenger Lite for Android.

With the addition of this feature, users can now face-to-face chat with friends and family. Before now, the feature was just available to users on the core Messenger app. Facebook Messenger lite build as a lite weight version of the core Messenger app. It comes with a 10MB in size including most core messaging capabilities like sending text, photos, links, and audio calls to people.

The new feature also allows users to upgrade from audio call to a video chat while still in the call by tapping the video icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. The new update is now rolling out to Lite users, it should be available to everyone in the coming days. What is your view on the new update?

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