Google’s 1443 PPI 120Hz VR AMOLED Display Coming In May

Google's new VR display was designed in partnership with "one of the leading OLED makers. The device will be coming with a 4.3-inch display with a screen resolution of 18-megapixels with a pixel density of 1443 PPI. The super high-resolution Virtual Reality display which is expected to be launched in May will features a 120Hz refresh rate.

The search engine giant is reportedly preparing to introduce the super high-resolution display at the forthcoming SID Display Week in May this year. The new VR display will be the highest-density VR OLED ever with a 10x more pixels than any commercially available VR display today.

Clay Bavor, VP of VR/AR at Google said last year at the SID Display Week that;
I’ve seen these in the lab, and it’s spectacular. It’s not even what we’re going to need in the ‘final display but it’s a very large step in the right direction
Although it is not clear who Google is working with on the project, but reports revealed that the search engine giant is planning to invest around $872 million in LG Display in order to secure OLED supply. This years SID Display Week kicks off on May 22nd, we will update you more.

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