Telegram Hits 200 Million Monthly Active Users

Cloud-based instant messaging service Telegram, has hit a total of 200 million active monthly users. The company which took about 5 years to achieve this significant milestone stated the venture back in 2013. Founded by Russian entrepreneur, Mr. Pavel Durov, the cloud-based instant messaging service has rapidly increased in popularity as the preferred Instant Messaging App second to WhatsApp.


The apps which enable users to send messages, images and videos among a bunch of other things is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Linux and PC. The service which committed to user privacy and support of open APIs also allows users to enjoy end-to-end encryption on voice calls along with optionally encrypted chats.

The CEO and founder, Pavel Durov has been battling Russian courts to maintain user privacy in face of the Russian government pressuring Telegram to hand over conversation encryption keys. The service latest update, version 4.8.5, come with two amazing features. This features includes the ability of users to send stickers, both manually and through automatic system recommendations and the ability of users to send photos and videos along with messages.

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