WhatsApp Extends 'Delete For Everyone' Duration To Over 1 Hour

Last year November 2017, WhatsApp introduced a new features that allowed users to delete a sent message within seven minutes after it has being sent. The feature was introduced to allow user to delete a message that was accidentally sent or a message you don't want someone to see. While the feature was a welcome development, many complete that the time duration was too short. 

In response to this, the new WhatsApp beta version 2.18.69 is extending the time duration from 7 minutes which is 420 seconds to 4096 seconds which is about 68 minutes and 16 seconds or better put, 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. 

According to report, the WhatsApp beta version 2.18.69 update came with the ability for users to forward stickers to other chats in the 2.18.67 beta. The 2.18.69 beta update reportedly also came with a bug which causes the app to crash when the user tries to send GIFs

As a result of this, WhatsApp rolled out two more new beta updates bearing the version number V2.18.70 that brings fixes to GIF crashes and the 2.18.71 that adds changes to voice note sending icon in a chat window.

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