Xiaomi Unveils Mi AI Speaker Mini With Voice Assistant

Xiaomi has officially introduced its latest Mi AI Speaker Mini which features voice assistant. What this means is that, the device comes with voice control so that you can use voice commands to play music, live radio, audio books, children’s stories, including 35 million books and songs. Just last year, the company introduced a smaller version of the Mi AI Speaker which offers 360-degree audio experience, thanks to six omnidirectional microphone array that senses external noise to cancel out echo.

The device which cost about US $27 features Audio control located at the top of the device which can be use to control smart devices such as open curtains, turn on light, adjust the air conditioning temperature, turn on the water heater and more. The device is also available for Chinese and Indian users at a price tag of 169 yuan and about Rs. 1,745 respectively.

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