Blackview Working On A Rugged Phone With 5x Optical Zoom

Blackview has been in the smartphone manufacturer business for about four years serving customers in North America, Europe and Asia. The Chinese phone maker has produced some amazing smartphones with decent specs. The smartphone maker launched the Blackview S8, the World’s First Bezel-less Smartphone With 4 Cameras and now is currently working on a new rugged phone that will feature 5 Times Optical Zoom.

The device will work by using a “periscope structure” camera which has the CMOS sensor placed vertically. The light will be reflected by optical prisms, rotated 90° vertically, getting into the telephoto lens with a 5x lossless zoom result. With this, the Blackview device will provide much bigger magnification and much clearer image when compared to the Iphone 7 Plus 2X zoom lens.

The Blackview’s model will only has one camera and not the usual dual camera trend. We are waiting to see how the device will impact the camera setup of smartphone in the industry. What do you think about the new innovation from Blackview.

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