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How To Send Text Message From Your Computer Using MightyText

Text messaging is now a popular means of communication among young people. While there are charges allocated to regular SMS, chats apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Viber and Telegram offer these service for free. These messaging service also can be use to send messages from your smartphone to another and also can be use to send messages from your PC to smartphone.

In this post, we will be looking at another amazing app service call MightyText that can be used to perform this function. MightyText is a messaging app designed to enables users send and receive text and MMS messages via computers and android phones. With MightyText, you can send or receive text messages on your smartphone or PC using your current Android phone number. Messages stay in sync with your phone's SMS inbox. See how you can send messages from your PC using MightyText below.

How To Send Text Message From Your Computer Using MightyText
  • Launch Google Play on your phone, then search for and install MightyText
  • On your computer browser visit in your computer browser
  • Scroll down to step 2 - Run on your computer (or tablet)
  • Select your browser. We're using Chrome.
  • Click the link to install the MightyText Chrome extension
  • Click the link to launch the MightyText Web App
  • In future you can access the web app from the MightyText icon in your browser bar
  • Click New Message, select a recipient, enter your message and hit the Send icon
With the MightyText Chrome extension or Desktop App, you can respond to this message directly from your computer. The app also allows users to store their photos or videos from their phone to your computer or tablet. You can download the MightyText app from Google Play Store

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