Huawei Plans To Sell Over 20 Million Units Of The P20 Series This Year

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei Technologies says it plans to sell over 20 million units of its P20 series this year. Speaking through its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Yu Chengdong, the move is for the company to compete with heavyweights like Apple and Samsung. The company also revealed that it is way ahead of the competition in China and its Research & Development team gets ten times more than other Chinese OEMs to develop innovative features.

The Huawei boss also revealed that the company is also working on the development of its old devices to improve their performance and stability. The company's P20 series smartphones comprises of the Huawei P20, P20 Pro, and P20 Lite. The Huawei series smartphone became popular when the Huawei P20 Pro featured a triple rear camera system which has a 40M, 20M, and 8MP all on the rear.

How the company aims to achieve this 20 million units maker is still unknown but we hope to see how this will play out. Do you think these figure projected by Huawei is achievable, whats your view on this?

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