TSTV To Start The Sales Of Dexterity Decoder

After introducing the Sassy decoder, TSTV has announced that it will start the sales and distribution of its Dexterity decoder. The company launched its Pay per View TV to customers with the introduction of two decoders namely Sassy and Dexterity. 

This was made known to customers via its social media handle in which the company announcement reads;
Dexterity decoder sales will start soon once we have completed our ongoing nationwide tests and full integration of our data hubs nationwide. We can guarantee everyone that TSTV will revolutionize and create a new model for the entire pay TV market in Africa. We are just getting started…
Dexterity decoder, comes with full access to all the TSTV Africa packages as well as a free 20GB data and with the ability to record any TV program of your choice. Customers can get the decoder after TSTV is done with testing it for those with a Sassy decoder, can also wipe their decode for a Dexterity decoder for just a token. To do this, all you need to do is visit the any of the TSTV dealer or sales outlet closest to you.

TSTV To Start The Sales Of Dexterity Decoder TSTV To Start The Sales Of Dexterity Decoder Reviewed by King Larry on April 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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