Ugandans To Pay Taxes For Using Social Media Starting From July

A new report from Uganda says the Government of the country will start taxing its citizens for using social media. Speaking in an interview with Reuters, the country's finance minister Matia Kasaija, said the tax will see every mobile phone subscriber buying about USh200 which is around $0.027 per day for using social media. According to him, platforms that will be affected include, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Skype, and Viber.

The Government revealed that the purpose of the tax, is to raise revenue for the country. The minister said the proposal, to be included in the budget for fiscal 2018/19 starting in July, had been sent to parliament this week for review after the cabinet approved it.
He said;  
We're looking for money to maintain the security of the country and extend electricity so that you people can enjoy more of social media, more often, more frequently.
Many human right activist has criticize the move calling it an attempt by the government to curtail freedoms of expression. Uganda has about 41 million people, 23.6 million are mobile phone subscribers and 17 million use the Internet. 

The government in the 2016 general election, blocked access to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The country is among the Eastern Africa country imposing laws to regulate internet usage. Just last month, other Eastern Africa country, Tanzania introduced an annual licence fee of TSh1 million about $440 for any citizen operating a blog or website in the country. Whats your view on this, do you think the move is right?

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