Friday, 18 May 2018

Google Chrome 69 To Remove ‘Secure’ Label On HTTPS Sites In September

Remember back in February, Google announced a deadline that starting from July 2018 its browser, will be displaying “not secure” labels on all HTTP sites. Read Post Here. The company has earlier in January 2017 released the Chrome 56 which marked HTTP pages as not secure. If you noticed, Google has been displaying the secure sign on all HTTPS site too. The aim was to encourage a safer and secure web browsing experience for web users. 

The company in a blog post revealed that it will start removing the “Secure” label and HTTPS scheme when it rolled out its new Google Chrome 69 in September 2018. Google said the HTTPS usage on the web has taken off as they have evolved Chrome security indicators.

In the blog post, Google wrote;
Users should expect that the web is safe by default, and they’ll be warned when there’s an issue. Since we’ll soon start marking all HTTP pages as “not secure”, we’ll step towards removing Chrome’s positive security indicators so that the default unmarked state is secure. Chrome will roll this out over time, starting by removing the “Secure” wording and HTTPS scheme in September 2018 (Chrome 69).
Google also said, Previously, HTTP usage was too high to mark all HTTP pages with a strong red warning, but in October 2018 (Chrome 70), we’ll start showing the red “not secure” warning when users enter data on HTTP pages.

It hope that these changes continue to pave way for a web that’s easy to use safely, by default as HTTPS is cheaper and easier than ever before.


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