How To Install Android P Beta On Nokia 7 Plus

As we all know, Google has officially released Android P Beta for some smartphones. Google listed top partners that will join them to release Android P Beta on their devices. This device will officially be the first smartphones in the world to support Android P. The list are Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21UD and Vivo X21, and Essential PH‑1.

While users of the Pixel phones get the latest Android P Beta via Over-The-Air (OTP), for some device you need to upgrade manually. One of sure device is the Nokia 7 Plus, which we will be sharing with you How To Install Android P Beta On Nokia 7 Plus. 

The Android P Beta ROM for Nokia 7 Plus is 1.1GB in size and comes with Android security patch for May, 2018. Android P comes with many new features sure as Navigation Gestures, Adaptive Battery and more. See the 5 Main Features Of Android P You Should Know Here.

  • Nokia 7 Plus (TA-1046 or  TA-1055)
  • Nokia 7 Plus Android P Beta / Developer ROM
  • ADB software (For windows) / Android zip file (For Mac)
  • Charge your phone upto or more than 60% 
For Mac Users; 
  • Extract the Android zip and place the folder on your Desktop.
  • Open Terminal
  • Type cd Desktop/Android
  • Enter ./

How To Install Android P Beta On Nokia 7 Plus
  • Go to Nokia Developer page, sign in with your Nokia, Facebook or Google Account, Enter the phone’s IMEI, Operator and Country and register the device
  • After the phone has been added successfully, it will display Validation OK
  • Click Install manually, scroll down, tick the check box and click download to download the zip file
  • Enable USB Debugging
  • Type ‘fastboot devices’ in command prompt and check if the device is detected by the system.
  • In command prompt type adb reboot recovery. If it doesn’t work, long press the Volume up and Power Button for 10 seconds and release both keys when the device vibrates to boot the phone in recovery mode.
  • Wipe all user data via Recovery Menu (Not required if you have already reset using phone’s menu)
  • Select the Recovery option from the bootloader menu and you should now be in “Recovery Mode” (Android logo & red exclamation mark).
  • Hold the Power button and press Volume Up once, and a menu will appear. Select the option “Apply update from ADB”
  • Run adb devices command  and confirm your device displays “sideload”.
  • Run the following command: adb sideload – where “” is the name of the downloaded zip file.
  • Once the update has finished, reboot the phone by selecting “Reboot system now”
  • Within 10 minutes device will boot with the latest Android P Beta
Please Note This: 
Flashing your phone voids the warranty 
Do not power off or attempt to use your phone until the software flash has fully completed. 
Do not remove the data cable at any time during flashing process. is not in anyway responsible for any damage or loss caused to your Nokia 7 Plus.
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