How To Backup And Restore WhatsApp Chats On Your Android Smartphone

WhatsApp has become on of the most important way of communication among people. While this maybe a great means of communication, users can also lose their important chat when changing their phone or when the phone is lost. In this post, I will be sharing with you, how to backup and restore your old WhatsApp chats on your new android smartphone.

For this to work and ensure that your data always stays safe, you need to create a backup for the WhatsApp chat so that you can restore it to some other device. To make this possible, follow the step below.

How To Back Up Your WhatsApp Chat
1) To back up your WhatsApp Chat, simply go to WhatsApp. 
2) Then tap the vertical ellipsis icon at the topmost right corner of the screen, near the search option, 3) And then select ‘Settings’
4) In the Settings option, tap on ‘Chats’, 
5) Go to ‘Chat backup’. The ‘Chat backup’ option allows you to backup your chat on Google Drive. You can either choosing to backup daily, weekly, monthly.
6) When you are done, tap on the ‘Back Up’ icon in green. This will upload or backup your entire messages to the chosen Google Drive account and you are done.

How To Restore Your WhatsApp Backed Up Chat
1) To do this, first go to Google Drive and then signed-in to the Google account to which you had backed up the chats. 
2) After doing this, download and install a new version of Whatsapp messenger on your phone. 
3) After installing, allow permission for WhatsApp to access your contacts, photos, media and files on your device. 
4) Enter your WhatsApp phone number and verify your phone number. 
5) A 6-digit verification code will be SMS to your phone which will get auto-verified.
6) After your number verified, a screen with ‘Restore backup’ will appear saying that a backup has been found.
7) Simply tap on ‘Restore’. Doing this will restore messages from the cloud onto your smartphone. For Step-3 to work on your new smartphone, make sure that you have 
8) Tap on ‘Next’ and you are done. 

NOTE: Installing the newest version is important because if you decide to use the old WhatsApp already installed on your new phone, then the chats won’t get backed up. If WhatsApp is already there, delete the old version and install a fresh one before proceeding further.

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