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How To Download And Install iOS 12 Developer Beta On iPhone & iPad

Apple has announced that its latest iOS 12 beta bringing Improved Performance, Siri Shortcuts, Group FaceTime, Memoji, Screen Time, Shared AR Experiences and more. The company also made the first beta update available for developers to test and share areas of improvement.

The company plans to roll at the stable version in september and public beta starts later this month. This post will share with you How To Download And Install iOS 12 Beta On iPhone & iPad. To do this, simply follow the steps listed below. 

Note: This version is made for developers to test but the public can also try it out if they wish. It is important to note that this is an unfinished versions so you may experience so bugs. Also you need to back up your important data before installing the beta update.

How to download and install iOS 12 developer beta
  • Go to Apple's developer site and enrol using your Apple ID HERE.
  • Sign into the iOS Dev Center using the Apple ID you used in the previous step.
  • Register your Apple device's UDID (the easiest way to find out your UDID is to plug the device into iTunes, click on the device's icon in the top right-hand corner, view the Summary tab and click on the Serial Number entry to get it to change to the UDID). Now you'll be able to download the appropriate version of the iOS beta for your hardware - select the exact iPhone, iPod touch or iPad model you're using from the list.
  • Unzip the file that downloads to your Mac (this should produce a .IPSW file). Connect your device to iTunes (if it isn't already).
  • Hold Alt (on a Mac - it's Shift on a PC) and click the Restore iPhone button on the device's Summary tab (next to Check for Update). Select the .IPSW file from the previous step. The iOS beta will be installed on your iPad or iPhone after a few minutes.

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